Local flora and fauna

Fox 1:1. Metal, recycled cardboard, felt, vintage nightgown and found nylon rope. Site specific work made for FABRIK in Balterswill, Switzerland.

52,5cm x 72cm x 20cm
Photo: Martine Myrup

FABRIK – Season 3. Montage
Group exhibition curated by Giulia Hess and Sebastian Lendenmann.
"Hello ChatGPT: What is montage?" "Montage generally refers to the joining of individual elements to form a whole, whether in film, image editing or the production of technical devices." As the chatbot suggests, montage is at home in many fields. In the industrial context of the former Schiffli embroidery factory, eight contemporary artistic positions play with the term loosely and in its entire range. Martine Myrup's local flora and fauna (2023) features a life-size fox that is not at all in its natural habitat. Myths of different cultures attribute different qualities to the fox. But whether cunning, heroic, or devious, the fox's cunning is always emphasized. As it remains unclear whether the textile animal is stealing the orange rope or is tied to it, the mini-scene oscillates between freedom and captivity. The striking fur with its floral pattern performs a dual function: Obviously out of place in a factory, the wild animal nonetheless feels at home more and more in inhabited, urban areas. At the same time, Myrup's fox seems to have stepped out of the colourful fantasy world of a Disney film rather than camouflaging itself in the local woods. Text by Sarah Wiesendanger